Leaders know that an unbiased assessment informs and improves their decisions.

From start-up mentor to outside general counsel; from expert witness to strategic negotiation support for deals and litigation, David’s consulting work has focused his blend of business, law, and technology experience on myriad business challenges.

David has testified before the California Assembly on software legislation, and appeared before the House Subcommittee on Science and Technology as counsel for the Business Software Alliance. Also in Washington he consulted for Vice-President Gore and his Alliance for Climate Protection on the substance and politics of the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, HR2454.

David was appointed Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Washington in order to argue before the Alaska Supreme Court a case of first impression challenging Alaska’s statutory scheme for payment of Washington trauma centers. The result was new state law improving both access and quality of care for all working Alaskans. More recently, David was the sole testifying expert for the defense in federal IP litigation, promptly resolved by USDC Judge O’Connell’s 37-page Order granting full and final summary judgment for defendants on all counts.

David’s touchstone for consulting is the emergent knowledge-sharing ethos. The burgeoning transition into a sharing economy of increased efficiency in value-add services is well-stated by angel investors Chris Sacca and Mark Mazzeo, of Lowercase Capital, LLC: “We dive in to work with teams…we give them the time, attention, and the empathy that catalyze winning for all involved… . Entrepreneurs who are empowered by seasoned advisors, but free to frame achievement for themselves, are much happier.” And more successful.

Twenty years’ immersion in Silicon Valley’s technologies, companies and cultures, as well as the Stanford milieu, has built for David a knowledge and network base far beyond the legal domain. He keeps a limited client roster for LeanLegal and consulting; currently, he works with several entrepreneurs, two funded start-ups, one mid-stage companies, and a private non-profit university.